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Young Buck decided he was going to try and fake a drug test while on probation. 5 years is not worth the 5 minutes it would have took to do it himself. He probably would have got less time for failing it!


Will French Montana leave Ciroc and rep Effin? or…. will it just be LIQUOR WARS!

50 Cent And French Montana Are Dissing Each Other Again — Over Vodka

Lets take a second to pay RESPECTS and wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to two pioneers of todays rap, hip-hop, and R&B scene.

KRS ONE turns 50 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thank you!

NATE DOGG would have been 46 yesterday. R.I.P. homie! Thank you for your contibution to the music of today! Check out the link on his name to see which 8 songs pay respect.

50 Cent taking 9 Shots at Diddy and Pharrell’s new song “Finna Get Loose”! The song takes us back to the 80’s. Will it be a hit or flop? Check it out for yourself.

“Finna Get Loose”

50….You so crazy, lol!

VIVID Entertainment offers $10M for the couple to do a sex tape. The last big fuss VIVID had was over Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust and Nikko sex tape. We don’t need to mention that they were much older and mature, but should the just turned 18 year old Kylie Jenner really place this mark on her already promising career and reputation?

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Straight Out of Compton hit #1 as expected this past weekend. Check out this “Like Father, Like Son”.

One J. Cole verse is better than none, rightMaroon 5 – Animals (Remix) Feat. J. Cole? The rapper hasn’t been the most active as of late, but hopefully all that changes in the near future. The tide could be turning today, as the North Carolina MC hops on the remix to Maroon 5‘s hit “Animals.” On top of this, tomorrow the rapper is expected to appear on Jeremih’s new single “Planes.” Last we heard from Cole was on the Mike Brown tribute “Be Free.”



Listen to the song here: