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Rapping Catholic Priest Jakub Bartczak Uses Hip Hop To Reach The Youth

Catholic priest Jakub Bartczak has found an effective way to engage the youth in his native country of Poland


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Bartczak occasionally steps into the booth and delivers lyrics inspired by the Bible.

His songs/music videos include “Freedom,” “Appointment,” “Scriptures,” “Meet with God,” “Prayer” and more.

“I want to invite people to the faith or simply to ask about God,” Jakub told Sky News.“Often young people are very busy looking for some value in their life, and have no time. Maybe even have no such opportunity. I would like to remind them that the first step can be taken. My music is not something far reaching. But it is mobilizing people to take the first step, such as a question or showing a way forward. A road that leads to somewhere.”

If your preacher, iman or priest used hip hop as a form of teaching would you be more inclined to listen to what they have to say?

Listen here: Holy Hip-Hop: The Rapping Priest

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