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Big Boi Cooks Up Some “King Sh!t” on His New Mash-Up with T.I., Ludacris, and Kito & Reija Lee

Big Boi Graces us with New Music


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Big Boi‘s Mash-Up Mondays series with Dungeoneze has been a fantastic opportunity to hear the veteran Atlanta rapper take on some unexpected musical landscapes. Today’s installment is no different, where his regional anthem “In the A” gets paired up with “Run for Cover,” a pulsing dubstep record from Australian production duo Kito & Reija Lee. Big Boi and his lyrical cohortsT.I. and Ludacris surprisingly sound at home over this synthed-out beat, rhyme slinging while an innocent female voice floats in the background. Check out the record above, which features a hypnotizing visualizer for those that want to feel this music.

Check it out here: Big Boi – King Sh!t (feat. T.I. & Ludacris & Kito & Reija Lee)


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