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T-Rone – The Lord Of Lust (Free Mixtape Stream/Download)

The artist, T.RONE, from Jacksonville, FL, aka Duval-The Bangum, is at it again.


From hustling in the Duval streets to creating his own lane in the music game, T.RONE went from having a strong regional buzz to now being known worldwide. His independent label, KreamTeam Muzik, along with Brooklyn Knights set out to make a major mark. And thats exactly what they did. After the great success of HELLO LOVE and several major labels knocking at his door, T.RONE made YMCMB his home. T.RONE is now releasing the street album entitled, THE LORD OF LUST VOL. 1, which features the HELLO LOVE remix and follow-up single KRY. The project introduces you to what he and Birdman call a new genre, his genre, Lust Music. THE LORD OF LUST VOL 1 is nothing less than a masterpiece; with game changing records that will shake up the streets. And this is only the beginning.




01. Lust Intro [Prod. By M.GeeZy] (1:04)
02. Exotic Angels [Prod. By WonderKidd] (3:14)
03. Residue [Prod. By M.GeeZy] (3:47)
04. Beautiful Girl (Feat. CT) [Prod. By M.GeeZy] (3:44)
05. Desire (Feat. B Devine) [Prod. By Big Hurt] (4:22)
06. T.Rone – Big Money Freak (Feat. CT) [Prod. By WonderKidd] (3:46)
07. Savage (Feat. Birdman & Jae Millz) [Prod. By M.GeeZy] (3:41)
08. Blow (1:01)
09. White Horse [Prod. By WonderKidd] (3:57)
10. Pressure (Feat. Joey Galaxy) [Prod. By M.GeeZy] (3:35)
11. Hello Love (Remix) (Feat. Juicy J & Ace Hood) [Prod. By M.GeeZy] (3:45)
12. Good At Bad [Prod. By M.GeeZy] (3:25)
13. Completely Free (0:09)
14. Alien Girl (Feat. Alja Kamillion) [Prod. By Big Hurt & M.GeeZy] (4:25)
15. I Ain’t Never Coming Home (0:15)
16. Kry [Prod. By M.GeeZy] (2:12)
17. D.B.G (0:36)
18. Never Die [Prod. By M.GeeZy] (4:09)


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