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Jimmy Henchman Ordered 2005 Shooting Of Suge Knight At Kanye West’s Party

When Suge Knight was shot in the leg in 2005 at a party thrown by Kanye West there were no witnesses that identified the shooter.


Knight was hit in the leg, shattering a bone. He filed a lawsuit against West blaming the rapper for not providing adequate security at the event which was held at the Shore Club in Miami.


The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court in 2011 for an undisclosed amount.   New information has surfaced that points to Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond as the person who put the hit out on Knight, according to The Smoking Gun.


A federal informant referred to as CW-3 (confidential informant 3) has told authorities that Henchman, who attended the party, gave him the gun and paid $10,000 for the hit.

No motive was given for the shooting.  Henchman has been sentenced to life in prison for running a drug trafficking operation.



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