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Asher Roth Responds To Eminem’s Diss: “I Thought It Was Pretty Amazing.”

Clarifies His ‘As I Em’ Lyrics.


“Quit actin’ salty, I was countin’ on you to count me out/ Ask Asher Roth when he round-a-bout dissed me to shout me out/ Thought I was history/ But goddamn honkey, that compliment’s like backhanding a donkey/ Good way to get your a$$ socked in the mouth.” Eminem “A$$hole”

Eminem threw a shot at Asher Roth on the song “A$$hole” off of The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Slim was firing back for what he perceived as a diss on Asher’s song “As I Em.”


Asher told Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds that his lyrics weren’t meant to be disrespectful. His intentions were to clear up the comparisons between himself and Slim.

“For me I just wanted to talk about how I was my own person. That’s really all it was,”Asher said. “[I was] talking about when I was first introduced to Em’s music when I was young in the 7th grade. Kind of talking about that relationship, being inspired by an emcee and listening to that music and having it be influential. That was it. I think Em was just being Em.

Don’t expect any reply songs from Asher because he wasn’t offended by the track.

“It’s cool man. I thought it was pretty amazing, I’m not gonna lie. I didn’t take any personal [offense],” Roth explained. “There’s nothing really there. I’ve never met Em. I don’t know him personally.”

Watch here:  Asher Roth Responds to Eminem’s Dis



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