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Swizz Beatz On DMX: “To Me He’s The Closest Thing To Pac”

It’s been 17 years since the unfortunate passing of Tupac Shakur, yet his name is still brought up regularly by today’s rappers.

2 pac


Super producer Swizz Beatz recently sat down with Vlad TV and compared another legendary rapper to Makaveli.

“People are lucky that [DMX] is figuring out phase 2. ‘Cause if he wasn’t a lot of people would be under pressure. Because one thing about him is he represents the have-nots and there’s a lot of people that don’t have. He was their hope. X would have the whole crowd pray with him. Thugs crying, I seen it,” Swizz said. “To me he’s like the closest thing to Pac, for real. Rebellious, the way he’s channeling his energy. Even the lyrics and the things that he would talk about. The book knowledge he has. Pac was more like a political poet. X is more like a street poet.”

Watch video here: Swizz Beatz Compares DMX to Tupac


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