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Photos Of Oscar De La Hoya On A Cocaine Binge Being Shopped

Someone is looking to cash in on the misfortunes of Oscar De La Hoya.

Oscar_De_La_Hoya_Feb_2011 (1)

The former boxing champion and current CEO of Golden Boy Promotions is presently in rehab getting help for an undisclosed issue.

Photos of De La Hoya on a cocaine binge are being shopped around to various media outlets. TMZ reports that they have seen the photos. They apparently show Oscar in a Las Vegas hotel room using a rolled up bill to snort a white substance off of a table.   The promoter was reportedly “off the hinges.”


The pics were taken a few weeks before Golden Boy Promotions fighter Canelo Alvarezfought Floyd Mayweather Jr. Oscar went in to rehab days before the bout.   If the photos eventually surface it would be second time somethng like this has happened.

In 2007 photos of De La Hoya wearing fishnets and women’s underwear leaked onto the internet. The pics were from a rendezvous with stripper Milana Dravnel.  After initially claiming the pics were photoshopped, Oscar finally admitted in 2011 that it was indeed him in the photos.


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