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Big Pun’s Son – Chris Rivers – Comments on Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Control’ Verse

Game of Thrones Song is Not a Diss to the ‘Control’ Verse

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See full Chris Rivers response below on the Game of Thrones song by Chris Rivers.

My Kendrick response. And no it’s not a diss before your overwhelming ignorance takes over. I think what Kendrick did was awesome. It opened up the doors for like a gladiator type skill match. And he said new n*ggas are new n*ggas so don’t get involved. Now i know I’m a new n*gga but never the less in THIS Game Of Thrones, Don’t count me out. #DragonsUp #ItsNotBeefItsThatGoodPollo


Listen to Game of Thrones here: Chris Rivers- Game Of Thones ( Kendrick Response)


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